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Dust mites

Dust mites are tiny microscopic bugs that primarily live on dead skin shed by humans. That  is why they are most  common in Mattresses, carpet and fabric upholstery.   One sq yard of carpet may have  tens of thousands of dust mites. Same being true for mattress also. The most allergies to dust mites are due to the proteins present in the fecal matter of these bugs and not the bug itslef.  They do not need living body to survive so they are not parasites.  They do ntocrawl on the skin.   unless you are allergic to the fecal proteins, they are of no harm to humans.  Dust mites are a common cause of indoor allergies causing asthma, allergic rhinits and sinus problems.  Some Atopic dermatitis patients may  also be allergic to dust mites and this may aggravate their skin condition.

The highest concentrations are seen during humid summer months and lowest during dry winter months.  Some of teh effective mens for controlling dust mite allergy are as follows:

1.   Enclose mattress and box spring in dust proof encasings.

2.   Wash bedsheets in hot water

3.   Using  HEPA air filter may help

4.   Remove  carpeting

5.   No stuffed toys or only have the ones that can be washed in hot water.

6.   use high quality furnace filters

We do not recommend using chemicals to kill dust mites as a means of addressing dust mite alelrgy.

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